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Short on cab fare, women eventually arrested on drug charges

Legal troubles began to pile up for two women in North Bergen after they allegedly took a cab from Perth Amboy and found upon arrival that they didn't have the money to pay the fare.

The Guttenberg cab company driver who delivered a 28-year-old woman from North Bergen and a 32-year-old woman from Perth Amboy called the police after giving the pair a ride for a previously agreed upon price of $92.

Police officers later arrested the women on charges of possession of controlled dangerous substances andpossession with the intent to distribute the substances within 500 feet of public housing.

According to the Hudson Reporter, the women apparently realized after arriving at their Meadowview Avenue destination in North Bergen that they didn't have the funds to cover the trip.

When police arrived around 11 that morning, they concluded that the Perth Amboy woman was under the influence of drugs, a North Bergen police detective told the newspaper.

Officers then ran a check on the woman, finding that she allegedly owes $12,495 on a civil contempt charge in Monmouth County.

She was then arrested and searched. That search led to the discovery of a bottle police say contained the drug known as "liquid ecstasy" or GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid).

Police say they observed the other woman trying to conceal a plastic bag containing a white powder they believe is heroin.

She was also arrested. In a search of her, police say they found hypodermic needles, a digital scale, unidentified pills, plastic bags and other drug-related items.

Both women were taken to jail and were being held on $50,000 bail with no 10 percent bond option.

Source: Hudson Reporter: "Not enough for cab ride" by Trish Tirella: May 1, 2011