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Man charged in separate, similar sex crimes

A 23-year-old man arrested two weeks ago and charged with the abduction and sexual assault of a New Jersey prostitute has been arrested again on nearly identical charges.

The New York City man is an auxiliary police officer there, and was charged two weeks ago with allegedly impersonated a police officer in August to abduct and rape a Jersey City prostitute in North Bergen.

In addition to aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping, he was also being charged with conspiracy and impersonating an officer.

Last week, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office announced the man is also accused of being involved with a crime dealing with an exotic dancer in Irvington. The charge was made while the man was in jail for the alleged assault in Jersey City.

According to police investigators, the man committed both crimes using an accomplice who has not yet been identified by law enforcement.

Although investigators are still attempting to locate the second suspect, the Essex County Prosecutor's Office said the 27-year-old female victim identified the 23-year-old suspect as one who attacked her.

She said the suspect and another man identified themselves as police officers before forcing her into a vehicle and driving her to Irvington and sexually assaulting her.

Police said the Jersey City incident began when the suspect pulled over a 29-year-old woman after flashing his car lights at her vehicle. The man and his accomplice purportedly flashed police badges, claimed to be detectives and forced the victim into a car, drove to North Bergen and raped her.

The defendant faces lengthy incarceration if convicted on these allegations. That potential punishment makes it important that he get an effective attorney with a record of success in defending people charged with sex crimes.

Source: "Brooklyn man charged with impersonating a police officer to abduct, sexually assault Irvington exotic dancer" by Alexi Friedman: Sept. 28, 2011