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Bergen County woman allegedly attacks officer after attempting to flee

A young woman was arrested for aggravated assault after she allegedly kicked and punched a detective during an underage drinking raid. The 19-year-old Bergen County woman is accused of assaulting a female employee from the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control during an incident, which was a part of a countywide sweep to prevent minors' alcohol consumption. That effort has led to no fewer than eight arrests and citations during the past week alone.

The employee was reportedly bruised, but says she wasn't seriously injured. The younger woman had been attempting to flee from questioning during the incident on April 20 at The Mason Jar in Mahwah, according to authorities.

The beverage control officers said they saw the woman and her 19-year-old male friend illegally obtain alcohol at a restaurant after the server didn't ask for identification. The young woman's friend was also charged with underage drinking, and the two bartenders at the establishment received citations.

Those bartenders face penalties of at least $500 for serving the teens. The young offenders may pay a similar fine, and they could lose their driver's license for up to six months.

In addition to that incident, other bartenders and young people face charges in connection with the sweep. Those people include a 51-year-old retail shop employee who sold a bottle of liquor to a 17-year-old. Further, three women from Bergenfield, ages 18 through 20, were arrested for using fake identification at a tavern in New Milford. The bartender in that case was also cited for serving an underage person, according to official reports.

Source: "Police: Mahwah woman charged in assaulting officer in Bergen County underage drinking sweeps," Christopher Baxter, April 19, 2012