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Bergen County man accused of sexual assault on girl

Bergen County prosecutors have charged a 50-year-old man with sexual assault on a 7-year-old girl.

The girl was reportedly acquainted with the man, who is accused of assaulting her at her home. Police arrested the man several weeks after the incident was claimed to have occurred. News reports did not indicate what, if any, evidence police had to support the accusation.

Charges pending against the reportedly homeless defendant include endangering the child's welfare and sexual assault. He remains incarcerated in the county jail in lieu of $250,000 in bail. The court ordered him to have no further communication with the girl, and required him to surrender his passport.

In other area news, a 30-year-old woman has been charged with stalking and extortion.

Her married former lover claimed that she subjected him to this behavior after he said that he didn't want to see her any more. He said that she started to then insist that he had to purchase expensive gifts for her, such as jewelry, or else she would reveal their two-year-long illicit affair to his wife.

The man reported this to police after the woman allegedly made additional demands that he give her a large amount of money.

She is a resident of Bloomsbury, but works in Hackensack, where she was arrested at her job, according to a media report.

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