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New Jersey college basketball recruit arrested on assault charges

A high school basketball star committed to play for Seton Hall has been arrested in connection to a report of domestic assault. While point guard is originally from outside the state, he moved to New Jersey in the spring of 2012.

The 18-year-old Baltimore, Maryland, recruit was charged with reckless endangerment and second-degree assault after he allegedly threw his girlfriend to the ground and struck her several times.

Court records claim the incident occurred after the man's 20-year-old girlfriend told him she wished to end their relationship. He reportedly asked to meet with her later. Police claim the two became engaged in a dispute, prompting the man to grab his girlfriend and throw her to the ground, after which he allegedly punched and kicked her before fleeing the scene.

Police arrested the student several days later, after he participated in a showcase game featuring both high school and NBA basketball players.

He was detained on misdemeanor charges, but was released after posting $50,000 in bail. Officials from the suspect's school have yet to comment on how the arrest will affect his place on the basketball team.

After the arrest, police interviewed the man's girlfriend, who asserted that she was suffering pain in her arm and could not move it following the attack. However, investigators claimed she declined to be treated at a hospital and did not appear to have sustained any visible injuries. They took a photograph of her face to be used as evidence.

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Source: Baltimore Sun, "Aquille Carr, Baltimore high school basketball star, arrested," Aug. 18, 2012