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Police accuse woman of setting up ex-boyfriend for beating

Wyckoff police are charging a Bergen County woman with luring an ex-boyfriend to a park where her new boyfriend was waiting to assault and rob him.

The woman, 19 years old, was charged with robbery and theft by being armed with deadly weapons, as well as with aiding suspects and luring the victim to the scene of the alleged crime, and providing transportation from the scene of the alleged crime for the suspects.

Law enforcement officials claim the woman called a Ridgewood man, 19, with whom she'd apparently been in a previous romantic relationship, to invite him to ride around in a new car she said she had just purchased. They then drove to a Wyckoff elementary school to walk around, police said.

Once the man was there, the woman's current boyfriend and another man allegedly attacked the former boyfriend with a pipe and baseball bat, law enforcement officials said.

A police spokesperson accused the current boyfriend of taking a bat to the former boyfriend and then stealing his money and cellphone. The woman is accused of then driving the two alleged attackers from the scene, leaving the ex-boyfriend behind with head injuries.

After her arrest, the woman did not implicate her current boyfriend in the attack, but police suspected he was involved and began looking for him. An officer said he saw a car driven by a "known associate" of the man, pulled the vehicle over, and found the boyfriend "in the car, lying across the (back) seat."

He was arrested and taken to Bergen County Jail on assault and robbery charges. He was being held in lieu of a $50,000 bail.

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Source:, "Police arrest boyfriend of Wyckoff woman who allegedly lured ex to park for beating,"July 28, 2012