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Years-old traffic ticket haunts Westwood Police job applicant

The story of a man who applied for a job with the Westwood Police Department recently is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks traffic citations can be safely ignored.

The applicant was arrested during his job interview on an outstanding warrant for a traffic citation issued years ago, according to media reports.

During the interview, the man was asked a standard question about whether he had a criminal history to discuss. "He said, 'No," and they said, 'Are you sure?'" said Westwood's mayor.

The man was shown the outstanding warrant and then taken downstairs where he was arrested and processed.

Westwood's police chief said the job applicant know about the "years-old warrant."

"He wasn't aware this traffic warrant existed, and it was something he hadn't taken care of. It wasn't anything serious," the chief said.

Regardless, the man was arrested and removed from the job applicant pool.

The mayor said the warrant was discovered during a routine background check.

In an unrelated matter, a Lodi man, 22, was arrested recently after a police officer saw the man attempting to change a tire on a badly damaged car, Bergen County police said.

The man was trying to change one of his two flat, front tires on Route 4 west near where Teaneck and Englewood meet.

The front and back windshields were also damaged, the officer noted in his report, as were the driver's and passenger's doors.

When an officer tried to speak with a passenger in the car, she was unresponsive and was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital.

The officer said he found nearly 200 prescription Alprazolam pills at the scene.

The man was charged with possession with intent to distribute prescription drugs, driving with a suspended license, DWI and possession of drugs in a motor vehicle.

Our firm handles cases similar to these. For more information, go to our Bergen County traffic violationspage.

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