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Three Bergen County residents arrested on drug charges

Three Bergen County residents, including an employee at a bail bonds firm, have been arrested on drug charges, prosecutors say.

The arrests were a result of a month-long undercover investigation. The investigation led to 23,000 bags of heroin, according to authorities. The Bergen County prosecutor stated that the heroin was worth more than $61,000.

According to the prosecutor, the employee allegedly attracted drug buyers through the position he held at the bail bonds firm and that a confidential source told authorities about the heroin. The source reportedly identified the bail bonds employee as a target.

During the investigation, an undercover officer allegedly met with the bail bonds employee twice to buy heroin. The undercover officer reported buying a sample of 20 bricks of heroin. A second meeting was set up where the undercover officer allegedly bought 200 bricks of heroin for $28,000.

Police hid during the meeting, then arrested the employee and another person -- allegedly a supplier.

The bail bonds employee and the other man were arrested and charged with distribution of heroin in a quantity greater than five ounces.

In a separate investigation, a woman was arrested and charged with the same offenses. It is unknown whether the woman was connected with the bail bonds employee and the purported supplier.

The woman allegedly supplied an undercover officer with a 20-brick sample, then set up a meeting involving the sale of 250 additional bricks.

Her bail was set at $100,000 with no cash option.

The bail bonds employee posted bail and was released from jail. The purported supplier and the woman were still in jail and awaiting a court hearing at the time of the media's account.

Source: "Three are arrested in Bergen County heroin stings," Justo Bautista, Feb. 15, 2012