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Bergen County landlord accused of threatening tenant with gun

A Bergen County landlord was arrested on a recent evening and charged with a weapons offense and aggravated assault.

Police claimed the Allendale man used a handgun to threaten one of his tenants.

The 56-year-old arrestee was rushed to a medical facility after reporting that he was experiencing chest pains following his arrest. He was expected to be placed in jail after his release from the hospital.

The tenant claimed that the dispute arose as a result of the landlord objecting to his parking a vehicle on the apartment building's lawn.

The tenant made a call to summon police at approximately 6:30 p.m., reporting that, during an argument on the building's patio, his landlord had brandished a gun at him in a threatening manner.

When police arrived, they initially issued a request for a SWAT team to come to the scene to get the landlord to come out of his bedroom, but that proved unnecessary, as he surrendered voluntarily. During the arrest, police claimed, they seized, among other things, an assault rifle, a handgun, a quantity of ammunition, and some fireworks.

Charges pending against the landlord include possession of metal knuckles, possession of a defaced handgun, lack of a carry permit for a handgun, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, three counts of possessing a large capacity ammunition magazine, and lack of a firearms purchaser ID card for seven rifles. He was also charged with illegal possessing an assault firearm, unlawful possession of display fireworks, and use of a weapon to unlawfully threaten the tenant.

The court set his bail at $50,000, with payment of the full amount required for release.

Source:, "Allendale landlord facing assault, weapons charges," July 11, 2012