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Man charged with having sexual relationship with Paramus teen, 15

The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office said a 23-year-old man was recently arrested for having an ongoing sexual relationship with a Paramus teenager, 15 years old.

The man was arrested at his Pine Bush, New York, home by state police and charged with promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child. He was being held as a fugitive from justice for a sexual assault, officials said.

The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office reportedly notified New York State Police about its investigation into the alleged relationship between the man and girl.

He was arraigned in New York but local officials expect him to be extradited to Bergen County for prosecution.

In an unrelated matter, an Englewood man, 23 years old, was arrested on suspicions that he sexually assaulted a woman, 22, in a mutual friend's home in Bogota while she slept, officials said.

The man is charged with aggravated sexual assault, as well as burglary in the case.

The incident happened around five in the morning, the woman claims, when she was staying at a friend's house.

The suspect knew she was staying there, she told police.

Police say the suspect was intoxicated, and was able to get into the Elm Avenue residence through a garage door and then assaulted the woman. They say he then left the house.

One media source said police checked text messages and phone messages as a means of identifying the man.

He was taken to Bergen County Jail where he was being held on $125,000 cash bail.

Source: Paramus Patch, "New York Man Had Sexual Relationship With Paramus Teen, Cops Allege," July 20, 2012