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Two accused of sex assault on New Jersey teenage girl

A 15-year-old girl has accused two men of attacking her about 140 miles south of Bergen County in Ocean City, New Jersey.

The alleged sexual assault, she said, took place on the evening of June 10 after she encountered the men on the Boardwalk. She said that she consented to go back to the vacation rental home they were staying at, and that they sexually assaulted her there.

Charges of aggravated sexual assault were lodged against both men, who were arrested after the girl fled their apartment and reported the incident to her family. They called police at approximately 1:25 a.m.

During an ensuing police investigation, officers found the men at the apartment where the girl said the assault had taken place, and took them into custody. Officers indicated that the arrestees cooperated with them and that their arrest sparked no incident.

The arrestees are still in custody in lieu of $300,000 cash bail set by the court. The two men are 18 and 23 years old respectively, and both from Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Both men, who prosecutors indicated were not related, face first degree charges of aggravated sexual assault and child welfare endangerment under an arrest warrant.

The older man is also charged with sexual assault with the use of physical force. No charges were filed on any claim of having illegally given intoxicating beverages to a minor.

A continuing investigation of the incident and the events surrounding it is being conducted by two police detectives and a representative from the county prosecutor's office.

Source: Ocean City Patch, "Two Men Arrested in Alleged Sexual Assault in Ocean City," June 14, 2012