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Bergen County man charged with killing girlfriend

Prosecutors in Bergen County, New Jersey, have charged a man with murder in connection with the death of his former girlfriend. They assert that when the 25-year-old woman refused to continue seeing him any further, he became angry.

Police investigators claim that the 26-year-old arrestee ran her over with his vehicle three times on the corner of Inwood Terrace and Anderson Avenue in Fort Lee on the evening of Feb. 19, causing her death. He then allegedly fled to Queens, New York, to a friend's apartment building where he was arrested two days later in the early morning hours, and held in the Queens jail.

He was subsequently extradited to Bergen County.

He is being held in custody in lieu of $3 million in bail.

Investigators reported that he had his passport and a sum of money in his possession when arrested, and they suggested he may have been planning to travel abroad because of the accusations against him.

The man and his former girlfriend had reportedly had a troublesome dating relationship for less than a year, and she broke it off approximately a month ago. The two, at one point, resided together in an apartment in close proximity to the George Washington Bridge. The deceased woman was active as an artist, having painted murals in the Palisades Park Library's children's reading room.

Prior news reports indicated that there were a number of eyewitnesses to the woman's death, and questioned whether the incident was merely a deadly accident or a deliberate hit-and-run.

After the incident, police were able to find a black Hyundai Sonata parked approximately a mile away. They believe it is the car which hit the woman, backing up and running over her again several times, according to witnesses.

Source: CBS News: "Charles Ann, Man Accused Of Repeatedly Running Over Girlfriend, Extradited To New Jersey," Feb. 24, 2012