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Bergen County assault cases detailed

A Bergen County college student has been arrested on suspicions that he punched a limo driver in the head, spit in his face and hit his vehicle with a baseball bat.

The Fair Lawn man, 20 years old, was arrested on the campus of Bergen Community College and charged with simple assault and criminal mischief.

The incident involving the student and limo driver apparently began when the driver dropped off people on the campus and then drove into a parking lot the wrong way and blocked the student's vehicle shortly before 3 p.m.

The two began arguing, police said, with both getting out of their vehicles.

During a verbal exchange, the student allegedly spit in the face of the limo driver and then punched him in the head.

The limo driver got back into his vehicle, police said, while the student allegedly retrieved a wooden baseball bat and began to beat on the limo's trunk with it.

The limo driver was uninjured in the incident.

In a separate and unrelated incident, a Ridgewood attorney who had been accused of aggravated assault had charges against him dropped by Hudson County prosecutors.

Though the incident in which he was accused of dragging a woman with his vehicle happened in Bergen County, the case was moved to Hudson County because of an apparent conflict of interest in the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

The attorney's brother is the former Bergen County Executive.

Regardless, the charges against the Ridgewood man were dropped for lack of evidence, prosecutors said.

Three traffic citations were issued in the incident: reckless driving, failure to yield at a stop sign and leaving the scene of an accident. Those citations are still pending and will be heard in Bayonne Municipal Court.

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