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Police arrest suspected marijuana dealers in Bergen County

The Bergen County Narcotics Task Force, in partnership with the Paramus and Ridgefield Police Departments, claim to have identified several suspected drug dealers, and charged them with possession of marijuana withintent to distribute.

Media sources report that the men were arrested by police outside of a Chili's Restaurant after a two-month investigation of a suspected drug dealer.

According to a press release from the Bergen County Prosecutor's office, the investigation began after a suspect reportedly sold two ounces of marijuana to an undercover detective.

A week later, the man allegedly sold another two ounces to an undercover detective. Police officers then set up a meeting outside the Chili's Restaurant so they could give $10,000 to the suspect, in order to purchase about three pounds of marijuana.

The police reported that the original suspect arrived in one vehicle. They also observed another vehicle with three men inside, and yet another man walking towards the undercover police car.

The police attempted to apprehend all of the suspects when the original suspect fled the scene in his vehicle, striking the man walking towards the undercover vehicle. Two of the three men in the second car were apprehended, and the man who was hit by the vehicle was also arrested after he was released from the hospital.

The original suspected drug dealer and a third man in the second car are both still at large. Police recovered a bag filled with marijuana at the side of the road and reported that this was thrown from the fleeing vehicle.

The police have issued a warrant for the original dealer and have set bail for half a million dollars. All of the suspects have been charged with possession with intent to distribute, and other alleged crimes.

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Source: Paramus Patch, "Three Charged in Alleged Drug Bust in Chili's Parking Lot," Sept. 14, 2012