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Lawmakers seek further registered sex offenders restrictions

Megan's Law was passed in New Jersey in 1994. It is named after a victim of sexual assault and murder. Its intention is to allow police and the public to better track those in their communities who have been convicted of sex crimes. Basically, it is where the sex offender registry comes from.

Just because a law was enacted decades ago doesn't mean it doesn't evolve. Lawmakers try to keep up with the times and, therefore, registered sex offenders also have to be vigilant about understanding their limits and rights in regards to rules of the registry. Megan's Law might be in for some changes:

  • Legislators want to hire more parole officers so each officer has fewer registered sex offenders to monitor.
  • Legislators want supervision to focus more heavily on registered sex offenders' use of technology.
  • Parole officers would be trained in the matter since their supervision would cover what their parolees are doing online.

The above proposed changes reflect lawmakers' theory that the internet serves as a tempting medium that parolees use to reoffend. Another proposed change is related to technology but actually intended to go a bit easier on a group that some argue shouldn't have to register as sex offenders. Teens who engage in "sexting," if the legislation is passed, would not have to join the life-changing sex offender registry.

There are various other aspects of the proposed changes to sex offender laws. The laws tend to change and can leave a mess of confusion among the public, currently registered sex offenders and even law enforcement. Anyone who is worried about charges of sex crimes or about details related to their sex offender status should look toward experienced legal guidance.

Our Bergen County criminal defense lawyers help people accused of internet sex crimes and other sex-related offenses.

Source: NJ Today, "Senators Introduce Bill To Modernize Megan's Law," April 5, 2013