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New Jersey man jailed for almost a year, now acquitted

There are many reasons why a person might falsely accuse another of sexual assault. For instance, a resentful ex might want to seek revenge. Or one might not remember giving consent while intoxicated.

Whatever the reason, allegations of sexual assault or date rape can be hard to disprove; and the long-term consequences can be even harder to cope with. Under New Jersey law, the accused may have to spend time in prison while trying to make bail or awaiting trial—even if they are innocent.

This is just what happened to a young criminal justice student from Bridgewater who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party. He spent nearly a year in jail before he made bail. During the trial, the man’s defense attorney presented evidence that disputed his accuser’s story. Her medical exam showed no indication of forced sexual activity. This supported the man’s claim that the sex was consensual. After a six day trial, the man was acquitted of sexual assault. He credits his faith for getting him through the ordeal and is ready to put this part of his life behind him.

There is no doubt that faith is a key component of our judicial system; regardless of one’s religious beliefs everyone needs to trust that justice will be served. Those who are falsely accused also need a criminal defense attorney that believes in the truthfulness of their story. Instead of letting a case come down to “he said, she said” testimony, an experienced criminal defense attorney can often find, analyze and present evidence to discredit false accusations.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Acquitted of sexual assault, Bridgewater man says 'nightmare' is over,” Bill Wichert, August 1, 2013.