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Special enforcement of I-80 includes stretch in Bergen County

During the last few weeks of summer, it seems as if everyone is trying to sneak in one last vacation—many of which are road trips. Whether you are headed to the beach or the mountains it can be easy to drive a little too fast on your way there or start the vacation early by having a drink with your lunch. Law enforcement officials have been out in increased numbers along Interstate 80 in New Jersey—and the ten other states the freeway traverses—during the last week of July. Their goal: to reduce the number of fatalities that typically accompany traffic violations such as these.

The deadliest traffic violations that law patrol officers will be on the lookout for are speeding, driving under the influence and drowsy driving. They will also be citing drivers who are not wearing seat belts. Each state in the multi-state traffic enforcement deployment, titled “More Cops, More Stops,” will be responsible for paying for the extra patrol hours along the I-80 corridor which runs from San Francisco to New Jersey. As many as 350 fatal car crashes occurred on that stretch of freeway during the two year period from 2009 to 2011.

Motorists are urged to buckle up, slow down and drive carefully to prevent more fatalities. If you do get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket or are cited for a DUI, don’t despair. Legal help is available for those who receive tickets or are charged with other crimes in addition to a traffic ticket. Consulting with a criminal defense lawyer can help minimize the long term consequences.

Source:, Interstate 80 challenge: "More cops, more stops" for summer drivers,” CBS News, July 25, 2013