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Red light cameras in New Jersey still have some seeing red

Most drivers have been in the situation wherein they are approaching an intersection and the light turns yellow. They question whether they should proceed through the intersection or stop. The decision they make and what happens as a result might depend on whether there's a red light camera at the location.

Red light cameras are controversial law enforcement tools in New Jersey. The Wall Street Journal reports that about 500 cities in the U.S. use the devices. New Jersey officials and residents have been debating the use of the cameras since they popped up in the state about three years ago.

State Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon plans to propose a couple of legislative bills related to red light cameras in New Jersey. First, he wants the state to completely get rid of the red light camera program. He argues that it hasn't made the streets safer and that people are needlessly ticketed for doing nothing dangerous.

Instead of keeping the program intact, the lawmaker suggests that the duration of yellow lights should be extended at intersections. That change would give drivers more time to brake or proceed responsibly, reducing the number of rear-end collisions. Those types of accidents have become more common at intersections with the cameras.

O'Scanlon argues, "The program is making our roads more hazardous and ripping people off." Those are strong words, words that echo the sentiments of not just some New Jersey drivers but drivers and lawmakers throughout the U.S. We will post an update when there is a development in this traffic law matter.

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