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Stricter gun laws one step closer to being enacted in New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie has put together a task force that is supposed to review gun laws and violent crimes within the state of New Jersey. The team is scheduled to report on its findings and related suggestions regarding gun laws and how they should or shouldn't be changed in New Jersey.

Before that meeting has happened, however, gun control advocates in the state are at least a step closer to getting more than 20 gun law changes on the books. On Thursday, the Assembly passed 22 proposals that will now reach the Senate for further approval.

The following are just some of the potential changes if the bills were to become law:

  • Ammunition magazines could only hold as much as 10 rounds at the most.
  • Ammunition couldn't be ordered online or through mail orders.
  • A patient whom a medical professional deems a safety threat would not be allowed to own firearms.

Above are just a few of the 22 proposals that aim to strengthen what some already classify as strict gun laws in New Jersey. Those who support the bills look at the recent crimes of violence throughout the country and argue that tougher laws are basically common sense if violence prevention is truly the goal.

Those who challenge stricter laws worry that legislation shouldn't be passed hastily and in an emotional response to tragedy that is still so fresh. Another worry is that the bills focus too heavily on guns and ammunitions and not on improving the treatment of mental illness.

When there is a development in this legislative matter we will post an update. It feels as though, however, changes are in the works for gun laws in the state. Our New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can help those who are charged with weapons offenses, possibly because they simply were confused about the changes in legislation.

Source: The Record, "NJ Assembly passes sweeping collection of gun-control measures," Michael Linhorst, Feb. 21, 2013