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New Jersey could make financial statement against assault weapons

In a previous post, we discussed the current New Jersey gun laws regarding assault weapons. The state stands out from some others, including its surrounding states, by having a ban against assault firearms like the one used in Connecticut. Some gun control advocates in the state argue that a national ban is required in order to truly reduce the risk of violence caused by such dangerous weapons.

And according to recent reports, New Jersey lawmakers against legal assault weapons might try to send a message to stores that sell such weapons by hitting them where it hurts: in their bottom lines. New Jersey might not be able to convince every other state to ban assault firearms, but it can try to impact the mindset of the stores nationwide that make the guns available.

CBS Philly reports that Essex County State Senator Richard Codey backs the idea to get out of pension plans that have investments with businesses such as Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods and any other large retailers that may not make assault weapons but still help get them in people's hands by selling the guns.

This is a bit of a different lawmaking tactic compared to a statewide weapons ban. If this investment idea becomes law in the state, it won't have a significant impact on the gun rights of New Jersey residents. They still will be prohibited from owning an assault firearm and have to be licensed to have guns. The pension plan proposition merely affirms the fact that New Jersey takes firearms very seriously.

Our law firm can help someone facing a weapons charge, whether it is the result of owning a prohibited firearm or simply having a weapon while allegedly committing another crime.

Source: CBS Philly, "NJ May Go After Assault Weapon Manufacturers And Retailers," David Madden, Dec. 24, 2012