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New Jersey duo sentenced to prison for weapons charges

Recent posts on our New Jersey criminal defense blog have focused on weapons charges related to assault rifles and pistols. The whole country is in the midst of debate about the firearms because of the recent shootings in Connecticut. New Jersey has strict laws against the sort of weapon used in that incident, and two men are facing the consequences of that fact now.

Two weapons offense defendants, both 31, pleaded guilty to various charges this week. Their pleas were part of a deal that was meant to keep both defendants' prison terms less harsh than they could have been. Both of the convictions are connected to the possession and sale of assault weapons.

The defendants became targets of criminal charges after they became trapped by an undercover operation. One of the suspects admits that he provided assault weapons to a person whom he didn't know was an undercover officer at the time.

Perhaps it is because of the undercover sting that the defendant and his co-defendant were apt to agree to plead guilty and accept settlements. The man who physically provided the illegal firearms has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and will only be eligible for parole after serving five years. The other defendant is sentenced to five years and won't be eligible for parole until after serving three.

Gun laws in New Jersey are already strict, and as our past posts suggest, high-profile incidents of violence are likely to inspire the increased severity of gun laws in the state. Our law firm can help those who have been charged with violating weapons laws fight for the most fair outcome. Sometimes, that might involve a plea deal, but a decision like that must be made with a knowledgeable and trusted criminal defense attorney.

Source: NJ Today, "Second Linden Man Admits Trafficking Assault Weapons," Jan. 3, 2013