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Loud party irks neighbors, leads to 3 drug arrests in New Jersey

Timing is everything in life. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change your life forever. Whether you are a passenger in a car or attending a party with friends, the consequences can be very serious if drugs are involved—even if you aren’t using the drugs yourself.

A number of individuals ranging in ages from 15 to 25 could face serious drug charges for attending a weekend party. Three men have already been arrested, but more arrests are expected. Multiple residents in the upscale neighborhood where the party was held called police to report the late night ruckus. When police arrived there were more than 100 people partying in the home. Many fled the scene, dropping marijuana on the floor as they ran. In addition to the drugs, police also found alcoholic beverages. The host of the party was arrested for disorderly conduct and providing alcohol to minors. There was also a warrant for his arrest on an unrelated sexual assault charge. Another man was arrested for violating his parole; a third was arrested because police allegedly witnessed him throw a bag of marijuana on the ground.

Just because you have bad timing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guilty of a crime. Police still have to follow strict guidelines when searching you and/or charging you with possession of marijuana or other drug charges. If you feel that your constitutional rights have been violated during a wide scale bust such as this, you may want to speak with an attorney. Even seemingly minor charges can have a major impact on your future; a seasoned attorney may be able to minimize the long-term consequences or even get the charges dropped if proper protocol was not followed during the arrest.

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