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New Jersey police launch website to find those with warrants

We live in the age of information. Facebook and Twitter have changed how we communicate with one another, as well as how law enforcement officials work to solve crimes and find people with outstanding arrest warrants. Warrants can be issued for any number of criminal charges ranging from a minor motor vehicle offense like an unpaid speeding ticket to a more serious crime like possession of a controlled substance. In some instances, victims of stolen identities may unknowingly have a warrant for crimes committed in their name.

A new website recently launched by the Cape May County Sheriff’s office will make it easier for law enforcement officials to track down people with active warrants. It was designed by the Bergen County Police department and uses their database. The website allows users to browse photographs and search for individuals using criteria such as the wanted’s name, last-known address or town. The site also includes a map feature that allows users to see pinpoints of last known addresses. This allows them to see at a glance if one of their neighbors happens to have an active warrant. All information is updated in real time on a daily basis. Police hope that by getting citizens involved will increase the number of tips that they receive. A cell-phone app launched by the Cape May Sherriff last month has already yielded more than 50 tips from citizens.

It is best not to ignore arrest warrants. Those who know that they need to make a court appearance may want speak with an attorney who can advise them of their rights and determine the best way to turn themselves in to minimize the consequences—before someone uses the website to do so. Courts tend to look more favorably on those who voluntarily turn themselves in.

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