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Numerous citations, arrests from driving task force in New Jersey

Memorial Day weekend is notorious for car accidents, reckless driving DUIs and other traffic violations in New Jersey. Law enforcement officials typically increase patrols and conduct checkpoints in an effort to prevent serious problems.

Unfortunately, sometimes citizens who are otherwise law abiding might receive a summons or citations for a minor motor vehicle offense such as not wearing a seatbelt. This ticket might start a series of other tickets which can have more serious consequences. Sometimes a routine traffic stop can also lead to criminal charges relating to drugs or weapons.

Since 1999, a total of 43 task forces have been conducted. A total of 332 arrests and nearly 36,000 summonses have accumulated over the years. This Memorial Day weekend was no different. The latest Aggressive Driving Task Force focused their efforts on some of the major roads in northern New Jersey. A total of 45 vehicles were impounded, 735 summonses were issued and 11 people were arrested. An additional 151 summonses were issued as a result of a campaign to enforce seat belt laws. Officers from a number of jurisdictions participated, including Passaic, Essex, Morris and Bergen County.

Those who were received a seat belt summons, were cited for speeding, arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol or who received multiple traffic tickets may want to consult with a criminal defense attorney. The long term consequences of traffic violations can be more than monetary; they can also lead to revocation of driving privileges, cancellation of auto insurance, court-ordered community service or a prison sentence. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help minimize the consequences.

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