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Anticipating Super Bowl, Jersey cracks down on sex trafficking

In 2014 New Jersey's own MetLife Stadium will be the stage of Super Bowl XLVIII. Many people consider such a high-profile sporting event a boon to a region's economy, offering a boost to local businesses like restaurants, hotels and merchandise suppliers. However, many people may not have considered that with increased tourism traffic can come a jump in sex crimes.

With that in mind, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently signed into law a piece of legislation that is aimed at cracking down on sex trafficking before the big game hits the state. The new law puts hasher penalties in place for websites that contain advertisements for minors, requiring them to verify that all advertisers are of legal age. In addition, those who engage in human trafficking may be fined a minimum of $25,000.

Unfortunately, prostitution sometimes involves the exploitation of women and minors, some of whom essentially live in modern-day slavery. The new law creates "john schools" that are intended to educate patrons of those involved in human trafficking about its implications. The law also creates a task force to study human trafficking and make recommendations surrounding future laws.

While the bill may have the greatest impact on prostitution it applies to all forms of human trafficking, including forced labor. It also provides a break to victims of trafficking, allowing them to have a criminal conviction vacated if they were forced to commit a crime by their traffickers.

Being accused of a sex crime, whether it's prostitution, solicitation or another offense, can be expensive, humiliating and disruptive to your life. If you are facing charges consider speaking with an attorney.

Source: The Express-Times, "New Jersey tightens human trafficking laws ahead of Super Bowl," May 6, 2013