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Eluding police leads to heightened charges for New Jersey man

It can be a natural reaction to feel nervous and want to escape a situation when confronted by an authority figure. The use of prescription drugs, alcohol and controlled substances can make these feelings more intense. Unfortunately, the desire to take flight can worsen certain situations, particularly when New Jersey law enforcement officials are involved.

A man is now facing multiple drug charges because he ran from police after failing to stop for a red light in Bergen County. Instead of simply receiving a ticket for a moving violation, he was charged with eluding an officer, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and several other criminal acts. The charges were enhanced because the event occurred in close proximity to both a park and a school. A bag containing crystal meth is alleged to have fallen out of the man’s pocket as the man resisted being taken into custody.

Most people who are use drugs aren’t criminals. Even those who become addicted don’t commit crimes with the intent to hurt anyone else; rather, they are trying to protect themselves or support their habit. They are good people who find themselves in a bad situation. Even if friends and family members shun them for their behavior, it is important to understand they aren’t alone. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may help to get drug charges reduced by conducting an independent investigation to make sure constitutional rights have not been violated by law enforcement officers. They may also be able to minimize penalties by having the case tried in a specialized drug court and/or advocating a drug education program or chemical dependency treatment as part of the sentence.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Jersey City man charged with crystal meth possession after North Bergen traffic stop,” Aiyana Cronk, May 21, 2013.