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Traffic enforcement stop leads to weapons charges

Sometimes a traffic violation can lead to more serious criminal charges. If officers have probable cause, they can request field sobriety tests such as a breath analysis or conduct a search for guns, drugs or other contraband. This was the case for an East Orange resident who was recently pulled over for erratic driving during a traffic enforcement detail. The man was ultimately charged with multiple motor vehicle offenses including careless driving, delaying traffic and DWI. The charges became more severe when the arresting officer discovered a pair of illegal daggers with three-inch blades on the man, resulting in a criminal weapons charge.

Breath samples taken at police headquarters confirmed the arresting officer’s suspicions that the man was driving while impaired. Sobriety tests in the field as well as the driver’s appearance led to the DWI arrest; his eyes were watery and bloodshot and the officer could smell alcohol. The driver was originally pulled over because he stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic. The man was released without bail on the promise to appear in court. It is unknown if the East Orange man has retained a lawyer.

Those who find themselves in similar situations would be well advised to hire a defense attorney to represent them in court and minimize the long term consequences of the charges. There is a lot more at stake than just the suspension or revocation of driving privileges; auto insurance can be cancelled, monetary penalties can be incurred and in some instances the long term consequences include incarceration as well. An experienced criminal attorney has the knowledge and resources to take on multiple criminal charges at the same time.

Source: Cliff View Pilot, “Hidden daggers turn up in Bergon County police stop in Little Ferry,” Jerry Demarco, May 2, 2013