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Aaron Hernandez's fiance implicated in murder case

The alleged conspiracy surrounding the killing of Odin Lloyd gets increasingly intricate with each passing day. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been behind bars since July, as he is accused of the killing of the semi-pro football player. After his arrest, a number of associates and family members have been investigated for their parts in the murder.

The latest person to be charged with a crime is Hernandez’s fiancé, Shayana Jenkins. Prosecutors believe that Jenkins actively participated in the crime by hiding evidence, and then lying to a grand jury about her involvement.

During a recent bail hearing, prosecutors argued that Jenkins previously told a grand jury that Hernandez told her to discard a box (that ostensibly contained materials that were used in the killing). However, they believe that she was being untruthful (or evasive) when she told the grand jury that she did not remember where she threw the box. They argued that since she could not remember this location, she must be hiding something that she knew.

Jenkins’ lawyer argued that she had been cooperative throughout the investigation, and that she would continue to do so regarding the charges against her. The court eventually released Jenkins on her own recognizance.

Bail hearings are very important because they could mean the difference between being incarcerated until trial and freedom while the process continues. Judges review bail requests based on the nature of the crime alleged, the potential danger the accused has to the public, and whether the accused is a flight risk.

If you have questions about bail hearings, an experienced attorney can help.

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