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Frequent domestic violence complaints keep New Jersey police busy

The notion that it's a thin line between love and hate is often fully on display in domestic violence cases. In most romantic, cohabitating relationships, a great deal of emotion is put into developing the bond between couples. When it's felt that bond has been betrayed or broken, all of that emotion can easily come flooding back to the surface in a very negative way. That's why, according to New Jersey law enforcement, when one member of a relationship let's that emotion provoke him or her to want to harm the other, it's often very difficult to deter him or her from achieving that purpose.

New Jersey police officials are all too familiar with dealing with domestic violence complaints. It's estimated that an act of domestic violence occurs just over every 7 minutes in the state, and while a majority of the victims are women, it's becoming more common to see complaints filed by men. Police have to treat each situation with extreme caution and exercise sound judgment in responding to these calls, as tensions are usually high on both sides and situations can often escalate to further violence that could potentially result in harm to not only the couple, but the responding officers as well.