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Man arrested for drug possession after car accident in Hamilton

An arrest for drug possession in Bergen County is a serious matter, one that the typical "It's not mine" defense won't often satisfy. The potential criminal penalties can vary based on a number of different factors, including the conditions of the arrest, the age of the suspect(s) involved, and the types and amounts of drugs that are discovered. The criminal history of the suspect(s) also may come into play. Punitive actions can range from monetary fines or mandated enrollment in a drug treatment program to an extended prison sentence. Beyond the criminal penalties, there's also the social stigma that may accompany a conviction fordrug possession.

An elderly man currently faces those potential consequences after he was arrested for drug possession by New Jersey State police. His troubles began when he was involved in a car accident along a state highway near Hamilton. The responding police officers soon discovered an undisclosed amount of crack cocaine and accompanying paraphernalia on the floor of the man's vehicle. It wasn't reported whether or not the man sustained any physical injuries that required medical attention.