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New Jersey man faces drug charges

Police have accused a 25-year-old New Jersey man of selling heroin from his home. Allegedly, a SWAT team raid on the man's house on Aug. 8 also uncovered marijuana, a pistol and packaging material for narcotics.

According to police, although the man was on house arrest and monitored electronically, he sold heroin to undercover officers. He was charged with distribution and possession of a controlled and dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and for possessing a firearm while he was in a category of people not permitted to do so.

The incident occurred in Gloucester Township, and the raid was the result of an investigation by the Winslow Township Police Department and the Gloucester Township Police Department Special Investigations Unit. Police report that a woman and young child were in the home as well. The woman was not charged, and she and the child were offered counseling services with a licensed social worker.

Drug distribution charges are often serious, and the man might want to consult an attorney. There are several avenues available for his defense. For instance, it may be possible to argue that some part of the investigation or the raid was procedurally flawed.

However, fighting a criminal charge for an incident that occurs while an individual is on probation or under house arrest can be challenging. If the evidence is compelling in a case, individuals facing similar situations may decide to plea bargain due to the seriousness of the charges and the circumstances. Using this tactic, one might plead guilty but receive lighter penalties. An attorney might be able to advise as to whether this would be a legitimate option.

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