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New Jersey man taken into custody, charged with robbery

The New Jersey State Police stated that a 49-year-old man was taken into custody on robbery charges in connection with a reported incident at a Montclair restaurant three days earlier. The man also faces a charge for weapon possession.

On Dec. 10, employees at a popular eatery in Essex County called authorities to report an armed robbery had occurred. Reportedly, the culprit was wearing a ski mask when he entered and demanded money from an employee. When the employee was unable to get the register open, the alleged culprit brandished a handgun. The man then allegedly stole more than $100 from a customer before fleeing the restaurant.

Officials said the alleged culprit was identified later that same day, though they did not disclose specifics with regard to how the identification was made. Police took the man into custody after they located and confronted him in Irvington, where the man was reportedly carrying a handgun on his person. Purportedly, the man had outstanding arrest warrants tied to his name.

In New Jersey, violent crimes, such as aggravated assault or robbery, are charged as felonies. As such, the penalties associated with these crimes are severe and can include significant time behind prison bars followed by an onerous probation. Facing consequences like these, accused individuals must put forward the most earnest, lucid and tireless defense possible. Retaining a lawyer with an articulate grasp of the relevant laws and real-life experience defending accused individuals against such serious offenses is an essential first step. While scrutinizing the case, the defense attorney could possibly find signs of police or prosecutorial misconduct, either or both of which could be grounds for an immediate dismissal of the case .

Source: Maplewood Patch, "Police arrest suspect in armed robbery of Essex County Restaurant", Emily Everson, December 16, 2014