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Accusations of IED in New Jersey home lead to weapons charges

There are certain words or phrases that elicit strong responses in our society today, like the term "IED." This term stands for improvised explosive device, but can include a variety of materials that could be combined as a flammable source. A man in New Jersey was recently arrested after someone made a report that one of these devices could be found in his home.

In New Jersey, the laws covering weapons and the possession of items deemed to be weapons are very inclusive and very strict. Did you know that even the possession of a BB gun without a permit can lead to charges under these laws?

In this case, the officers searched the home, in part, as a result of the report mentioned above. Officers also claim that someone had seen the man throwing what looked like a large firecracker from his automobile.

The search of the residence was conducted by local officers as well as federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. When officers searched the home and his vehicle, they reportedly found several handguns and explosive materials. This led to the arrest of the 62-year-old man. A Union County prosecutor confirmed the details concerning the items that were found during the search.

The man was charged with three criminal counts, including "second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon, second-degree certain persons not to own firearms, and third-degree possession of a destructive device," as reported by the NY Daily News. Additional charges were also pending at the time of the report, but the specific charges were not listed.

Each of these weapons offenses could lead to serious penalties, which is why individuals faced with this type of situation should immediately seek the assistance of an attorney that will help fight the charges.

Source: NY Daily News, "New Jersey man arrested following report of possible IED in home," Nina Golgowski, Jan. 27, 2014