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Pool worker charged for creating ice slick

For the most part, last week’s polar vortex brought out the best in people. A number of reports of good Samaritans helping people whose cars were disabled or were stuck in snowbanks surfaced throughout our frozen nation. At the same time, however, there are stories of pure stupidity and selfishness that have to seen to be believed.

The story of a swimming pool company worker emptying a pool onto a nearby street fits this description. While working on a pool in freezing temperatures, the drainage quickly froze on the road and created an ice slick of epic proportions. The icy road led to a number of collisions, as unsuspecting drivers slid helplessly into each other. Further, first responders had considerable difficulties responding to calls of distress. One person was taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

The pool worker now faces criminal charges. He was reportedly arrested, taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment. It remains to be seen what the man will plea (guilty or not guilty), but it exemplifies the need for an accused to have an experienced criminal defense attorney available to defend against criminal charges.

A skilled defense attorney can analyze all the relevant facts in the case and bring about appropriate defenses. More importantly, a lawyer can help in advocating for a proper sentencing package in order to keep the accused out of jail. This can be especially important for non-violent, first time offenders who have employers and families that depend on them.

Source:, “Conn. worker charged with causing car crashes after draining pool onto road in freezing temps,” January 10, 2014