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New Jersey trio acccused of ID fraud and drug crimes

Authorities in New Jersey recently accused three men of conspiring to manufacture fraudulent driver's licenses. The men were also indicted on charges of drug trafficking following what police claim was a multi-month investigative effort.

Police in Wayne and Pompton Lakes said that two of the men were detained on July 9 after being chased by authorities while they attempted to flee on motorcycles; the third individual allegedly surrendered himself to police. Two of the three were brothers, and authorities initially became suspicious in March, when the older sibling apparently attempted to take a driving exam under another individual's name. Police said that in the same period, they received numerous reports from liquor stores stating that underage individuals were trying to make illegal purchases with suspicious looking driver's licenses from Rhode Island.

Upon searching a home rented by the older brother, police said they found drugs, paraphernalia and evidence that the man was making fake licenses. Each member of the trio was charged with a number of different violations, and reports claimed that the licenses were utilized by dozens of minors who attend high schools in Wayne.

Criminal charges that include distributing drugs or illegal property to minors may result in heavy penalties. When attempting to challenge such claims in court, a defendant might benefit from working with a criminal defense lawyer. That lawyer may be able to develop a strategy that results in mitigated sentencing or dropped penalties. In some cases, the lawyer might suggest seeking an acquittal at trial, and in others, he or she could negotiate a plea bargain that seeks limited sanctions.

Source: North Jersey, "3 Wayne men charged with drug possession, making fake IDs ", Rebecca D. O'Brien, July 13, 2014