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Son of 'Iron Man' star detained for drug possession

New Jersey residents who have followed the career of actor Robert Downey Jr. may be interested in the details of his son, Indio Downey, and his detention on drug possession charges. Indio Downey was taken into custody for suspicion of cocaine possession. In addition to being charged with possessing a controlled substance, he was also charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.

Those familiar with the family's history may know that Robert Downey Jr. has faced numerous battles with drug addiction, including brushes with the law, prison time and lost acting opportunities. He issued a statement the day after his son's June 29 detention, thanking those who intervened and expressing his interest in helping his son to get the assistance needed. He mentioned the possibility of a genetic disposition toward addiction, suggesting that his son may have inherited some of the same issues that he has faced.

The incident leading to the 20-year-old being taken into custody occurred when a vehicle he was riding in was pulled over by officials in West Hollywood, California. There were additional occupants in the vehicle, but only Indio Downey was detained in the afternoon incident. He was released that evening on bail and is set for a late-August court appearance. The reason for the vehicle being stopped may have been due to officers observing suspected drug activity, and this may be of interest to legal counsel for the young actor.

A defense lawyer for a similar case may consider challenging the justification of the vehicle being stopped, addressing possible search and seizure issues. A lawyer might also work with the client, the prosecution and the judge to negotiate a plea deal in exchange for an agreement to enroll a client in a rehabilitation program.

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