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Unusual alleged assault may lead to criminal charge

A fight broke out outside of a New Jersey mall over a common commuter gripe: a parking spot. How the involved parties resolved it is what makes this story rather bizarre.

The alleged victim in this tale had just parked her vehicle outside of the Cherry Hill Mall when two other women approached her car. The two women began shouting obscenities at the driver and allegedly crowded into her, claiming that she had taken a parking spot they had been waiting for. During the alleged altercation one of the two alleged assailants bit off one of the driver's fingers.

The driver had to be hospitalized and may end up losing part of the affected finger. As for her alleged attackers, New Jersey police have not yet located them. When they do one of the women may face the criminal charge of assault.

Assault is a serious matter that can arise when an alleged victim has reason to believe that another person intends to and physically can cause him harm. Allegations of assault can result in a suspect being investigated, incarcerated and subject to the rigors of the New Jersey criminal justice system. Though they may not seem as serious as other criminal charges, assault charges can cause individuals to lose substantial rights and face serious sanctions if convicted.

As the police continue to look for the alleged biter and other attacker in this matter, other individuals who are facing assault charges may begin to wonder if anything can be done to help resolve their legal matters. Anyone who has questions about assault or other criminal charges can reach out to a New Jersey criminal law attorney to learn more about criminal defense options and preparation techniques for their criminal trials.

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