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16 accused of being involved in distribution of cocaine

It was reported on Sept. 11 that 16 people from numerous New Jersey counties and New York City were taken into police custody on drug-related charges. According to the report, the accused individuals were detained after a five-month investigation that reportedly involved approximately 23 law enforcement agencies.

The report stated that an unnamed Morristown officer began the investigation in April. When the investigation concluded on Sept. 10, the authorities had allegedly sized more than 930 grams of cocaine exceeding $93,000 in street value and marijuana. Additionally, the authorities reportedly seized 13 vehicles that were thought to have been used during the alleged drug crimes and more than $7,000, all of which was thought to have been made from drug sales.

All 16 individuals were taken into custody on cocaine-related charges, though the specific charges were not stated. The accused individuals had ages that ranged from 26-year-old to 69-years-old. Four people were released from jail on their own recognizance while the remaining individuals were being held in lieu of bail. It was not stated when the next court appearance was scheduled.

The severity of the potential consequences for cocaine convictions depend upon the amount of drugs the person allegedly had on them, what the charges were and whether or not they had a prior drug conviction. Depending upon the unique circumstances of the case, an attorney may be able to help provide a strong defense for their client. For example, if their client was accused following an investigation, an attorney may be able to find fault with how the authorities conducted the investigation and determine if they followed the proper procedures. If the attorney finds issues, they may be able to challenge the charges or have the charges completely dropped.

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