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Under-the-bed burglar could mount insanity criminal defense

A strange and disturbing case has made headlines across the state of New Jersey. A family allegedly found a man hiding in their home under a bed, which led to his arrest. As more details about the case emerge, it appears as if a claim of mental illness could form the center of the man's eventual criminal defense.

The family claims to have heard noises within their Spotswood home, and upon searching for the course of those noises, discovered the man hiding under a bed. It is believed that he entered the property by means of an open door while one of the homeowners was taking out the trash. After he gained entry, he apparently decided to hide under a bed in a guest room. He is believed to have remained there for as many as five days.

The family knows the man, and they claim that he dated their daughter approximately five years ago. According to the mother, that relationship did not end well. The family has had no interaction with the man in the years since their daughter stopped dating him.

It is believed that the man was not eating while living beneath the bed, but he did have access to water. He also used an electrical outlet to charge four cell phones in his possession. The family claims to have no knowledge why he would have chosen their home to hide in or what his intentions may have been. As the case moves forward, many within the state of New Jersey would not be surprised to learn that the man's mental health plays a role in his criminal defense strategy.

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