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New Jersey man hits tree, charged with DWI

Law enforcement authorities reported that an Egg Harbor Township man was charged with DWI after hitting a tree on Feb. 4. Reportedly, the accident occurred around 1:38 p.m. on Route 9.

Upon responding to the accident scene, officers reportedly found the man inside of his vehicle. They indicated that he was disoriented. The Galloway Township Ambulance Squad treated the man and then transported him to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Police believe the man was driving south on Route 9 prior to the accident. Witnesses indicated he crossed the centerline and then ran off the road, traveled through bushes and hit the tree. After the man completed his medical treatment and received his charges for the incident, he was released pending his court date. The police did not indicate if any blood or breath testing was performed. Following the accident, traffic was delayed in the area for about 45 minutes while police conducted their investigation.

People who are charged with DWI face several potential penalties if they are convicted. In addition to possible incarceration, probation, mandatory alcohol treatment and fines, those who are convicted of the offense also face losing their driver's license for a certain period of time. Someone charged with drunk driving may benefit by seeking help from a criminal defense attorney. An attorney may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense on behalf of their client. They may also be able to identify defenses to the charge, file evidentiary motions and seek to have evidence suppressed. In the event an attorney's client wishes to exercise their constitutional right to a trial, an attorney may advocate through trial and the case's conclusion.

Source: Galloway Patch, "Man Charged With DWI After Hitting a Tree in Galloway," Anthony Bellano, Feb. 4, 2015