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Woman charged for DWI after 1-car crash

A woman in New Jersey was accused of driving drunk after she was involved in a one-car accident on Feb. 13. According to police in Stafford, the 19-year-old woman knocked over a traffic signal pole near the intersection of East Bay Avenue and Route 9 around 2:12 a.m. Prior to the collision, the woman had reportedly crossed over the northbound lanes and entered the southbound lanes.

The accused drunk driver and a passenger who was in her vehicle were both uninjured in the crash. After the accident, the driver was taken into police custody and charged with DWI before being released to the custody of her sister. She was scheduled to appear at Stafford Municipal Court to face her drunk driving charge on a future date.

Members of the Stafford Fire Company and the New Jersey Department of Transportation responded to the scene of the crash in order to clear the broken pole and fix the remaining traffic lights. While the crews were working on the repairs, Stafford police officers were on the scene to help direct traffic. There were no reports of any other vehicles being involved in the accident.

Although it is unclear what type of sobriety test the woman in this case was given, police often administer both a field sobriety test and a breath test when they believe a driver is intoxicated. Neither of these testing methods are perfect, and a person accused of driving drunk may be able to build a strong defense by pointing out flaws in the tests. For instance, a defendant may argue that the arresting police officer did not follow protocol while administering a field sobriety test and that the results of a breath test fell within an established margin of error.

Source: OC Signal, "19 year old woman charged with DWI in Stafford," Feb. 13, 2015