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Man accused of multiple felonies in shooting spree

A horrific series of events has led to a terrible loss of life in New Jersey and a neighboring state. Police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for shooting and killing seven people in an apparent crime spree. The man, 22 years of age, is being charged with multiple felonies in connection to the matter, including murder and weapons charges. Two other men are also believed to be involved in the case.

Most of the shootings happened within a relatively short period of time. Police believe that the man arrested for those crimes only knew one of the victims. The other deaths, as well as one shooting that injured an eighth individual, may have been senseless acts of violence.

The shootings that concluded the apparent crime spree began in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday when a man was shot in Elizabeth. That evening, three other men were shot in the same area. Police were able to identify the vehicle used in those crimes, which helped them to track down the man they believe is responsible for these acts.

In cases such as this, it is hard to imagine that an individual with intact mental capacity could engage in such acts. These cases often result in a criminal defense strategy that calls into question the mental health of the party accused of violent felonies. While it is far too early to determine if mental instability played a causal role in this New Jersey crime spree, many within the state are wondering what could possibly lead someone to take so many lives.

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