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The lasting impacts of reckless driving

Teenagers don't often realize the lasting impacts of reckless driving. Receiving multiple traffic tickets for moving violations such as speeding or driving while impaired by alcohol can make insurance premiums skyrocket; it can also lead to the revocation of a driver's license. Worse yet, reckless driving can cause fatal accidents. The New Jersey Division of Highway Safety Reports that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths.

A couple who lost their daughter as a result of a fatal car accident in Bergen County on graduation night nearly a decade ago is campaigning to educate teenagers on the long-term consequences of reckless driving. She was a passenger in a car that collided with a semi-truck. It is unknown what charges were brought against the driver of the vehicle, but the accident undoubtedly changed his life forever. The parents of the victim of this particular accident hope that by sharing their story with teenage drivers, the roads will be a little safer for everyone this summer. They also set up a non-profit organization that has raised a substantial amount of money to date. The money is given to various prevention programs.

Still, many teens that get behind the wheel this summer will make mistakes while driving. They aren’t bad kids. Whether they are cited for running a red light, speeding or reckless driving it can have a serious impact on their future. Those who face such charges may want to speak with an attorney to learn what their options are, protect their constitutional rights and help to minimize the consequences.

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