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Alleged gang members charged with felonies

New Jersey authorities have announced a huge development in their efforts to curb gang-related crime. A long-standing investigation into a gang known as the Grape Street Crips brought together local, state and federal investigators. The result of the effort was the recent arrest of 71 individuals, many of whom are charged with felonies.

One of the men arrested is accused of putting out a hit order on an agent with the FBI. He is incarcerated, and authorities assert that he used the prison library and materials related to his trial to compile a series of images of the agent. He then allegedly sent those images to an individual who was not imprisoned, with the intent that the agent would be the target of violence.

The gang is also believed to be involved in trafficking drugs throughout the area, with connections across the nation. In addition, police believe that the group is involved in other illegal activities that serve to make the members money. Part of the gang's requirements include retaliation against those who cooperate with law enforcement.

As this case moves forward, all of those arrested and charged with felonies in New Jersey will have an opportunity to present their defense before a court of law. Some of the repercussions for a conviction will be more serious than others. As for the individual accused of plotting to kill a federal agent, avoiding conviction could make the difference between serving out his current sentence or spending the rest of his days behind bars.

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