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Three brothers facing charges for felonies after stabbing

A recent outbreak of violence in a New Jersey liquor store has led to the arrest of three brothers. While investigators continue to work to piece together the series of events that led to the incident, all three brothers have been charged with felonies and are being detained in the county jail. The details surrounding the case are unclear, and it is possible that additional arrests could come in the days and weeks ahead.

The altercation took place in the Discount Liquor Warehouse in Neptune Township. Police believe that the three brothers knew the man who was stabbed. He was inside the store with two friends at the time. Only one individual was stabbed in the incident, and he was rushed to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. While he was initially listed in critical condition, he was discharged from the hospital four days after the attack.

One of the brothers is charged with attempted murder, two weapons offenses and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Each of the other two brothers was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and aggravated assault. Another man was charged with the unlawful possession of a weapon after police found a knife on his person. It is unclear how he was related to the altercation.

As this case moves forward and the felonies are addressed in court, additional information may be made public. While an intentional violent attack is a serious criminal matter, there is no clear indication that this altercation was not something else entirely. It is possible that a fight between the parties led to knives being brandished, which in turn led to the use of a knife in self defense. Until more information is made available, it is important for New Jersey readers to avoid making assumptions about the guilt of anyone involved.

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