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Woman accused of attempting to commit sex crimes with minor

New Jersey officials have arrested a woman whom they believe was attempting to entice a minor into having sexual relations with her. The case has received a great deal of attention throughout the state, and many are following the matter to see how the courts will resolve the claims. She was recently arrested and extradited to New Jersey for prosecution. The charges she faces are based on her communications and interaction with the child and are not accusations of committing physical sex crimes with a minor.

The woman, 44 years of age, is alleged to have communicated with a male child beginning in 2013, when he was 11 years old. The two met while playing video games online. That contact eventually expanded to exchanging messages and talking over the phone. Investigators claim that the nature of some of those communications was sexual, and that sexually explicit photographs were exchanged between the two.

The woman is also accused of traveling across state lines to meet with the boy and giving him debit cards, clothing and other items of value during their meetings. It is unclear whether the child's parents were aware of the interaction between their son and the woman. However, there is nothing to indicate that the woman engaged in any form of inappropriate physical contact with the boy.

She now faces very serious charges, including multiple counts of endangering the welfare of a child and attempting to lure or entice a minor. While these are not sex crimes in and of themselves, it is expected that the prosecution will argue that the acts were committed in an attempt to lure the minor child into sexual acts. As the matter moves toward trial, the woman is being held in a New Jersey jail on a $225,000 bail.

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