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Criminal defense update: Charges dropped against Rutgers player

When criminal charges are filed, the individual who stands accused of that crime often suffers a great deal before the matter ever goes before a New Jersey court of law. Once the media gets a hold of the story, news of the arrest spreads quickly. When the accused is well-known or holds a prominent role within his or her own community, the damage done by these reports can be difficult to reverse, regardless of the criminal defense strategy that will be set into motion.

An example is found in the arrest of a football player for Rutgers University. The young man was involved in an altercation outside of the stadium after a game. The woman who claimed that she was attacked by the Rutgers player told authorities that she suffered injuries to her hip, head, elbow and hands.

As a result of the arrest, the player was immediately suspended from the football team. A restraining order was also put into effect. However, when the alleged victim recently stated that she no longer felt that the restraining order was necessary, it was lifted. Later the same day the assault charges were dropped, after the woman told authorities that she did not wish to testify against the football player.

Because the assault charge has been dropped, the New Jersey football player will not have to pursue any additional criminal defense measures. However, there is no guarantee that he will be reinstated on the Rutgers team, and the interim head coach has refused to issue a statement on the matter. If this incident causes harm to his career aspirations as a professional football player, this case will serve as a warning of the damage that can come when an individual is accused of a crime, even if he or she is free of any guilt in the matter.

Source:, "Assault charges against Rutgers' Carroo dismissed", Oct. 6, 2015