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New troubles for doctor facing sex crimes charges

Many readers will remember media coverage of the New Jersey doctor who was accused of inappropriate conduct with both patients and staff at his Bergenfield office. Those sex crimes charges have not been resolved, and the issue is back in the public eye after the doctor was arrested a second time on similar charges. The 54-year-old internist is now facing a push to bar him from practicing medicine while the case moves forward.

In a recent hearing, the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office made a request to stop the doctor from practicing. That request came after additional charges of sexual misconduct led detectives to the medical office to arrest the physician. While they were there, they observed the doctor emerging from an area that contained patient examination rooms.

Attorneys for the doctor previously told the court that the man was in the midst of negotiating a voluntary suspension of his medical license during the investigation and court proceedings. Another doctor was brought on to take over, but an issue with malpractice coverage left a gap in care. While the doctor still has a current and active medical license, his ability to continue to see patients may be hindered in the next hearing.

The New Jersey doctor has serious legal needs that deserve his full attention. He is charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual contact, which were brought by no fewer than seven women. Should he be convicted on those serious sex crimes charges, his ability to practice medicine might be the least of his concerns.

Source:, "Prosecutor looks to bar Bergenfield doctor from seeing patients while criminal charges are pending", Peter J. Sampson, Sept. 25, 2015