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Thanksgiving & Holiday DUI Arrests

Thanksgiving DUI Arrests

Every holiday season, people are in the celebratory mood--which means there are more gatherings, more parties, and more reasons to enjoy your time with a drink or two. However, law enforcement knows people are more likely to drink during this time, and DUI arrests spike drastically. There is a general crackdown on drivers who are driving under the influence, or even suspected of doing so.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of this elevated arrest time, and it continues throughout the next several weeks. This is why our Englewood criminal defense attorney wants you to be aware of any tricks, traps, and pitfalls awaiting you during this tense time.

Consider these tips throughout the holiday season and beyond:

  • Watch out for checkpoints, as they are where most people are charged and arrested for DUI
  • When possible, ensure one of your friends or loved ones is the evening’s designated driver
  • Take advantage of Uber or Lyft, ridesharing apps of transportation and convenience
  • Don’t break any other rules in order to avoid being pulled over, such as talking on the phone, wearing your seatbelt, checking your car for broken tail lights, etc.

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