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Charged with a crime? Facing serious criminal allegations? Even for seemingly minor offenses, individuals who have been charged, arrested, or accused of a crime could be facing serious consequences that could impact their life, career, and freedom. No matter what your case involves, you must act quickly and call an Englewood criminal defense attorney.

Police officers and prosecutors will be working in tandem to close a case as fast as possible. They will want an arrest or a conviction. Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC is solely committed to protecting your rights and freedoms even when police and prosecutors do not have your best interests in mind. As a defense lawyer, he can investigate all evidence related to your case and create a strong defense strategy in your favor.

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An Attorney You Can Trust During a Time of Crisis

When it comes to fighting criminal charges, having a solid, experienced, and skilled defense on your side could mean the difference between freedom and a permanent criminal record. Mr. Liebowitz is committed to protecting your rights and interests comprehensively. This means he does not just think about immediate results. He thinks about the big picture. He can help you consider long-term solutions and alternative strategies that can ensure protection for years to come.

What you can expect as a client:

  • You can be represented personally. Every client receives individual attention and tailored solutions that are specific to their unique situation.
  • Your rights can be protected. The firm has successfully handled hundreds of cases and has earned a proven record of courtroom victories to show for it.
  • You can start your case today. Just call Alan Liebowitz to request a free consultation.
  • Hablamos español. Mr. Liebowitz proudly offers bilingual representation for Spanish-speakers in Englewood and throughout Bergen County, NJ.

You have Constitutional rights that demand protection. If a police officer’s overreaching practices or misconduct has led to an erroneous arrest or unlawful investigation, Mr. Liebowitz can be trusted to bring that information to light. He can fiercely defend your rights in the pursuit of the best possible result.

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Alan M. Liebowitz, Esq., LLC proudly represents individuals (adults and juveniles) who have been charged with criminal offenses throughout the Hudson, Passaic, and Bergen County, NJ areas. He understands that criminal offenses can have long-term consequences, and could even have immigration-related implications. He works swiftly to help prevent a criminal conviction or wipe the slate clean so you can finally move on with your life.

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